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508 Columbia Avenue
Lexington KY

(859) 254-0231


Kelsie Jutz — Anthropology, Class of 2017

The Wesley has not only been a home for me to live in, but a community for me to grow in as well. When you live in such a small community, everyone sees your strengths, but they also see your failures. I’ve never had so many tears, laughs, and genuine nights sharing my life with friends as I have here at the Wesley. I’ve enjoyed nerf wars, paint fights, and light saber battles, but I’ve also been challenged in ministry. I have been stretched since living here by being on my own and trying to be an adult, key word “trying”, all the while going to school and serving on leadership. I’ve learned how to extend grace (and how to receive it), and by taking an intentional interest in those I’m around, I’ve learned how to love everyone in the way they need it most. Other than my family, I’ve never felt more loved and supported than by those here at the Wesley.”

Emma Kate Calvert — Speech Pathology & Linguistics, Class of 2018

“I came into college with a pretty strong faith, but it’s grown exponentially because of the residential ministry at the Wesley. Since my home and my place of ministry are the same, it’s impossible to pretend that I have it all together when I definitely don’t. By making the Lord’s dwelling place my own dwelling place, everyday actions become acts of worship. Getting ready in the morning with a bathroom full of girls becomes an opportunity to foster fellowship. Studying late into the night for an important final exam becomes a chance to practice living in God’s grace. Living at the Wesley, I’m constantly being challenged to shed my sinful habits, but at the same time, I’m being supported and loved and encouraged. I’m so grateful that the Lord led me to the Wesley.

Maggie Boland — FAMILY SCIENCES Major, Class of 2017

"The word that comes to mind when I think of the Wesley is intentionality. We are not just a campus ministry that doubles as a housing unit; worship and ministry is our lifestyle. I can honestly say that the city of Lexington would not be the same without the Wesley. Our ministry is unique in that it is not just limited to our building, or even to UK's campus - rather, we have been blessed with opportunities to reach out to people all over Lexington. The Wesley has helped me to to be able to grow and serve with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and it has helped me to live out the Great Commission in Matthew 28 by teaching me what it means to be a disciple and to disciple others. God is doing amazing works in and through us, and I am excited to see how His plans for us continue to unfold."


"The Wesley has really taught me how to embrace my faith and make it my own, and to be unashamed of what I believe. Living here, I’ve learned that true agape love doesn't have to be something showy or big, but it is possible to love someone through little actions as well. It has taught me to be confident in who I am and not worry about others opinions of me because I am a child of Christ and valued by Him. The Wesley has really shaped my faith this past year and I am very thankful."